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Day 104: Month of the Military Child Winner

Month of the Military Child Winner – May 2, 2011

Build-A-Bear Workshop

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First off, I want to express a great big thank you to Molly, Lauren and all the other fine Bear Specialists at Build-A-Bear corporate in St. Louis. If it weren’t for their generosity, we would not have been able to make this wonderful draw happen.

Build-A-Bear is truly an amazing company making sure kids of all ages have fun. But they are also huge supporters of our brave men and women in uniform too. As soon as I contacted Molly with my idea of making a draw for a military child to be honored with a military Build-A-Bear for “Month of the Military Child” she quickly put me in contact with Lauren so we could make this happen.

We had a lot of entries! I also want to say a special thanks to all my friends, both military and civilian who spread the word about our Month of the Military Child Build-A-Bear giveaway here at General Sarge HQ. I must admit, both Sandra and were a little overwhelmed at the support and the number of entries and great messages contained in the entries as we read through them. One great aspect of reading the entries was also the recognition from many military families saying how much they appreciate the fact that “Build-A-Bear” is also supporting them.

Build-A-Bear corporate, as General Sarge always says – Two paws up for your support of our military!

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Leaving On A Jet Plane

Leaving On A Jet Plane – April 27, 2011

**Quick Note – I was hoping to post this yesterday, Wednesday. But after many flight delays we didn’t arrive at the motel in GA until 2am. To say the least, we just went to bed. So here’s a post about our plane ride!

My human-owners parents tell me there’s an old song by Peter, Paul and Mary called “Leaving on a Jet Plane”. They said it’s very appropriate for today as we are indeed leaving on a jet plane! We are “winging” our way toward Atlanta, GA and then driving to Fort Benning, which is in Columbus, GA for PVT Ben’s graduation! I can hardly wait!

Day 100 - Ready For Take Off As you can see my human-owners Mom did not “pack” me into my usual Army backpack travel bag. Instead she decided to carry me onto the plane so I can look around and even look out the window! What an incredible view! I still might sneak up to the pilots cabin and ask if I can fly the plane. You know as a General I did fly planes at one time. But, I’ll have to tell you more about that later.

Right now I’m taking in all the views as we make our way to Fort Benning for graduation!

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