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091712: Military Child Salute

Military Child Salute – Caroline Konopa
Monday, September 17, 2012

Greetings from General Sarge HQ on a Monday and I’m happy to salute another wonderful military child for our Monday Military Child of the Week Salute! It’s been a busy and hectic summer and there’s still lots of beary cool things going on around General Sarge HQ too.

091712 Military Child of the Week - Caroline (...

Military Child of the Week - Caroline Konopa

Of course one of the most exciting things we do here is salute military children!

Today we say a big two paws up to and salute Caroline Konopa! Caroline – who’s also known as Charlie – is a wonderful little girl living in San Diego with her Mommy and Daddy.

We met Charlie and her parents at the Holiday Christmas Bonanza in December 2011. We met so many wonderful families and little boys and girls connected with the Armory and every branch of the military stationed in San Diego, CA.

Caroline’s Mommy told us she’s “kind of shy and very smart. Charlie also loves books and dolls and playing outside!”

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013012: Military Child of the Week Salute

Military Child of the Week Salute – Declan Thomason
January 30, 2012

It’s time for our Military Child of the Week Salute! Every Monday we salute a military child for their sacrifice as a parent – or in some cases both parents – are deployed serving our country. If you’d like to nominate a military child for our weekly salute it’s easy to do!

Nominate a Military Child for the Weekly Military Salute – Click Here!

013012 Declan Thomason

Today we’re giving a big “Two paws up” to Declan Thomason!

Isn’t he a cutie?

We also had the wonderful privilege of meeting Declan and his parents when we were at the Celebrate the Military Child Holiday Bonanza in San Diego in December.

As you can see Declan’s parents are also big football fans! Declan is about 9 months old and is a very happy child. (I wonder who they will cheer for this weekend in the Super Bowl). His Daddy – SGT Alex Tomason – is a mechanic with the Marines stationed in San Diego. Declan’s Mommy and Daddy also told us he loves toys, mommy and daddy and having fun!

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