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Day 158: Off To Idaho

Off to Idaho – August 5, 2011

It is official, we are now empty-nesters as Ryan is heading for Idaho to live. That also brings us to the first official assignment for SFC TGLEWIS too.

Day 158 - Off to Idaho 02

Image by drrus2000 via Flickr

On the heels of reporting for duty at General Sarge HQ yesterday you can see SFC TGLEWIS was put to work rather quickly. He, along with General Sarge and Master Sarge all headed to the bus station last night to see Ryan off. TGLEWIS seemed to fit right into the family too. Just as a quick refresher, Ryan is Master Sarge’s human-owner which he got when he shipped out for Basic Training at Fort Jackson for the Army Reserves.

It seemed only fitting that all three of the bears would see Ryan off at the bus station for this chapter of his adventure.

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Day 134: Chillin’ With Friends

Chillin’ With Friends – June 25, 2011

Finally after a week of hot, muggy and sticky days, today we’re greeted with cooler weather. While it’s also been a little on the cloudy side with the odd shower here and there, General Sarge wanted to enjoy the cool weather.

Day 134 - Chillin' With Friends

Image by drrus2000 via Flickr

So, how does General Sarge enjoy the cool weather you ask?

He gathered some of his friends and decided to hang out on the back steps for a while.

As you can see he’s gathered quite the array of friends too. He grabbed his brother Master Sarge along with a couple snowmen too! If you look real close the snowman in the front has the phrase “Let It Snow” written on his hat! I don’t think General Sarge is really looking for snow quite yet, but I do know he enjoyed sitting on the back step for a while hanging with some furry friends.

Taking this picture also reminded me of how Ben would spend time when it cooled off during hot summer days. Many times I would find him sitting on the back steps hanging out with some of his friends too.

Staying Army Strong!
Dr. Rus