011912: Saluting A Wounded Hero!

Saluting A Wounded Hero – SFC Jeffrey Hackett
January 19, 2012

As you know one of the main things we do here at General Sarge HQ is deploy teddy bears to military children through our Gift-A-Bear Campaign. Our vision statement is “Comforting Military Families One Furry Friend At A Time”. Furry friends are the best and of course you know we’re also very huggable.  A few weeks we received an email from someone asking if we deploy teddy bears only to children. Of course we responded saying…

“We deploy teddy bears to any military family needing comfort and encouragement”. 

011912 Wounded Hero - SFC Hackett Recovery

Image by drrus2000 via Flickr

With that in mind today we are proud and honored to recognize a Wounded Hero from FT. Drum, New York.

Please say hello to SFC Jeffrey Hackett who joined the Army in 1995. SFC Hackett is assigned to the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division, Stability Transition Team stationed out of Fort Drum.

SFC Hackett lost his leg above the knee and was shot twice in the side and neck during an IED roadside bomb attack in Iraq on August 15, 2011.  He’s undergone multiple surgeries to attempt some reconstruction of his right arm and shoulder and still has a number of surgeries ahead of him for other wounds sustained in the attack.

Saluting SFC Hackett and His Family

011912 SFC Hackett and Family Visit Senate

Not only do we salute and honor SFC Hackett but we also salute and give a big Two Paws Up to his family. Life in the military is full of emotional ups and downs and while we are thankful when our soldiers come home, a Wounded Hero and family face many emotions during the recovery process.

Here’s a picture of the Hackett family as they visited the Senate! They are a great looking family and we say thanks for your service and sacrifice. Also be watching the mail as we are deploying a special furry friend to you from General Sarge HQ. A Wounded Hero bear that was built and donated to the Gift-A-Bear Campaign by the Rochester Knighthawks. He’ll be ready for lots of hugs when he arrives.

Two paws up!
General Sarge

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