Day 234: 79th BSTB Soldiers’ Ball

79th BSTB Soldiers’ Ball

After a whirlwind weekend in San Diego, CA we are starting to recover from jet-lag here at General Sarge HQ. We’re also getting things put back into their place too. All unpacked – for the most part – and organizing all the wonderful Military Child Salute nominations we received!

Ready for the Ball

Image by drrus2000 via Flickr

With that in mind it’s now time to start organizing pictures from our trip too.

While we have lots of pictures to organize from the Celebrate The Military Child Holiday Bonanza from Saturday, we do have pictures organized from the wonderful 79th BSTB Soldiers’ Ball we attended on Sunday. From all the pictures,  I have to admit this is my favorite. All dressed up and ready to go posing with my human-owners Mom.

Don’t we look dashing?

A Ball In A Hanger

The ball was held at the San Diego Air & Space Museum. What a fun place to hold a ball too! We had time to look around at all the great exhibits and we met some wonderful people too. It was also great meeting E! Entertainment News Correspondent Ashlan Gorse and singer-songwriter Michelle Penn. Be sure to watch for something really special Michelle gave us permission to do too. Right now it’s in a file marked “Top Secret” but when you see it you will know why I’m almost bursting my stuffing as I’m filled with so much excitement!

As for pictures, we did take lots of them at the ball…
Pictures from 79th BSTB Ball – Click Here!

Two paws up!

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