Day 212: A Day At Macy’s

A Day At Macy’s – October 30, 2011

It’s Halloween weekend and it’s also a weekend for my human-owners Mom to work at Macy’s. Usually they have to wear black to work. But since it’s Halloween weekend everyone was allowed to dress up. She wasn’t too sure what to wear to work so it’s a good thing PV2 Ben’s Dad had an idea.

Day 212 - A Day At Macys Not only did she dress up to honor my human-owner, but she also took her furry friend Colonel Sarge to work too. Before heading out we we posed with the entire Sarge family all lined up on the fireplace mantel. Doesn’t Mom look good in the uniform? She’s even wearing a Beret with the official General Sarge insignia pin on it too! She also wanted to make sure everyone at work knew she was wearing her outfit to honor my human-owner so I let her borrow Ben’s original dog tags he got from the Newark Recruiting Center to wear for the day. Usually I wear them all the time. But, since this is a special occasion, I let her wear them today.

Kids Be Safe On Halloween

It’s always fun to play dress up and tomorrow, October 31st, is Halloween night when a lot of people dress up. Kids, as you go out trick or treating please be safe. Make sure your costume can be seen at night so don’t wear something that’s all black. Maybe it would be fun to dress up as something that you can take your teddy bear out with you too. Doesn’t that sound like great fun? If you decide to do that make sure you visit my Facebook page and post up a picture of you and your costume with your teddy bear. We’d love to see the pictures here at General Sarge HQ.

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