Day 208: Military Child of the Week – Bears For Deployment

Military Child of the Week – Bears for Deployment
October 24, 2011

It’s Monday and that’s an exciting time around General Sarge HQ! That means it’s time for another Military Child of the Week Salute! Please let your military friends know about this salute and be sure to make nominations!

Military Child of the Week Nominations – Click Here!  

Day 208 - Military Child of the Week - Bears F...

Image by drrus2000 via Flickr

We’ve been working hard over the past few weeks training up some very special bears as part of our Gift-A-Bear Campaign. Now we have members of the General Sarge Unit trained and ready for deployment.

I’m so happy with how all these bears have went through the training process and represent a number of branches of the military. While I’m an Army bear because my human-owner is in the Army, we want to make sure kids and families in all branches of the military are encouraged with furry friends.

This group has been trained and they’re ready for deployment!

Help Get The Word Out

One of the first things we train our bears to do here at General Sarge HQ is give hugs and be ready to receive hugs. That’s a very important thing for a teddy bear you know. Whenever I visit my friends at Build-A-Bear Workshop all the Bear Specialist always say; “General Sarge, you are a well loved bear”. It’s true! Through the years when my human-owner PV2 Ben was growing up he gave me lots of hugs and I was always ready to hug him back.

I know my human-owners parents are always happy to deploy a bear to a military child. They actually started the Gift-A-Bear Campaign thinking they would deploy just a few bears from time to time. But through the support and generosity of a lot of people, we now have a number of bears ready.

That means when a child is nominated and featured as a Military Child of the Week, they will receive a furry friend too.

Will you help get the word out?

As I already mentioned – and as many people know – I’m an Army bear. But we want to stress here at General Sarge HQ that we’re looking for nominations of children from all branches of the military. If you look close at the picture you’ll see we’ve trained up not only Army bears, but also Marine, Air Force and Navy bears too! They’re all ready for deployment to a military family to bring comfort and furry hugs.

Please let your friends know about the Military Child of the Week Salute. It’s really easy to nominate a child for our weekly salute. Our friends at ContactMe have supplied us with a great service and a Contact Form that gets emailed directly to my human-owners Dad!

You can click the “Contact” button on the left hand side of your computer screen or…

Click Here To Nominate A Military Child of Week Salute!

On the form click the check box that says Military Child of the Week Nomination, fill in the contact information and we will get right back to you so we can get information about the military child you’re nominating. See, it’s really easy to do.

Please spread the word and if you know any military children, you can also nominate them too! They don’t have to be nominated by their parents. As a matter of fact, if you know a military child it’s even more of a surprise to the parents to find out their children have been nominated. This is a great way to honor our military and their families.

Two paws up!
General Sarge

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