Day 201: Teddy Bear To Work Day

Take Your Teddy Bear To Work Day
October 11, 2011

Hi! It’s General Sarge here today jumping onto my human-owners Dad’s computer to do a quick post.

Today is an exciting day for us teddy bears! It’s Take Your Teddy Bear To Work Day! What a fun time when we can go to work or school with our human-owners. I know how much fun it is for furry friends to see where their human-owners spend so much of their time when they’re not cuddling with us.

Day 201 - Teddy Bear To Work Day

Of course on days like this I do miss my human-owner some and I know his parents miss him too. Since PV2 Ben is way out at Fort Lewis, WA and we live in New York State, we don’t get to see him a lot. We haven’t seen him since he reported for duty out there in May. That’s also why we have started counting down the days until he comes home for Christmas on leave. That will be a fun time!

Since I couldn’t go to work with PV2 Ben today his Dad set up a picture for the occasion. I do like showing off what my human-owner is up to. Here’s a picture when he was on top-secret maneuvers and training. We have no idea where he was, but I think PV2 Ben looks really cool here! What do you think?

Even though I couldn’t go to work with PV2 Ben, this picture makes me feel like I was at work with him.

Pictures On My Facebook Page

Did you know I have a Facebook page? It’s true! I have a lot of friends on my page too and I love interacting with each one on my Facebook page. If you’re on Facebook please be sure to stop by my page – General Sarge On Facebook – Click Here – and hit that little “like” button.

Also, I’m doing something a little different on my Facebook page today too. Since it’s Take Your Teddy Bear to Work Day I would love to see pictures of my furry friends with their human-owners! So please take a picture, stop by my Facebook page and post it!

Two paws up!
General Sarge

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