Day 192: 401st Civil Affairs Battalion

401st Civil Affairs Battalion – September 22, 2011

There’s been so much going on at General Sarge HQ lately that it’s been at times hard to keep up with posts. So, you could call today a catch up day!

Day 192 - 401st Civil Affairs Battalion 01

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On September 10th both General Sarge and I were honored and privileged to attend the Dining Out night with the 401st Civil Affairs Battalion of the Army. We were invited to attend the dinner by SPC Tracy Bonzo who of course is a great friend of General Sarge. Now both General Sarge and I think one reason SPC Bonzo invited us was so she – along with PV2 Krystal Matsch – could ride in the Mustang.

Day 192 - 401st Civil Affairs Battalion 03

Image by drrus2000 via Flickr

We had a fantastic time at the dinner and met incredible men and women all serving in the Civil Affairs Battalion from across New York State. Some of these brave men and women have served multiple tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan and it was a great honor to share a meal with them. SPC Bonzo is stationed with the Reserve Unit out of Webster, New York. Here’s Tracy, General Sarge and her Captain Tom Kasper and his wife Danielle.

401st Civil Affairs Battalion – Mission Statement

Day 192 - 401st Civil Affairs Battalion 02

As you know General Sarge’s human-owner, PV2 Ben is 11 Bravo stationed with the Infantry Division at Fort Lewis, Washington. There’s just something about being Infantry that creates a special bond and it’s always a pleasure to meet fellow Infantry soldiers. General Sarge was very happy to meet SPC Scott Fadner who was with the Infantry before transferring to the Civil Affairs Division.

General Sarge thought about having SPC Fadner recite the Mission Statement for the 401st Civil Affairs Battalion, but he took it easy on him because of the Infantry connection. But, it is a great mission statement.

“Our mission is to: “On order, the 401st Civil Affairs Battalion mobilizes and deploys to conduct Civil Affairs (CA) and Civil-Military Operations (CMO) in support of the United States Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command and the Global War on Terrorism. Ensure proper employment to minimize civilian interference with military operations, promote mission legitmacy and assist the Commander in meeting his moral and legal obligation to the civilian populace”.

Today, the 401st Civil Affairs Battalion is comprised of 154 personnel with a proud tradition of supporting the nation in the conduct of military operations throughout the world and will continue this strong tradition of providing the highest degree of civil military assistance wherever and whenever needed.

Staying Army Strong!
Dr. Rus

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