Day 154: Sampson Veterans Cemetery Dedication

Sampson Veterans Cemetery Dedication

This past Saturday, July 30, 2011, General Sarge and I attended the dedication of the Sampson Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Seneca County, New York. We had a wonderful time and met a number of people. Active military, retired military and military families all gathered for this occasion.

Navy Officers

Image by drrus2000 via Flickr

General Sarge of course used the opportunity to get a number of pictures too. Here’s one of his favorite from the day with some Navy Officers.

From left to right in this picture is BMC (Sel) Chris Fibres, BMC (Sel) Carla Dieg and HMC (Sel) Lee Price. While General Sarge is an Army bear, here at General Sarge HQ we support all branches of the military. Making this picture a little more special is the fact that the cemetery is located on property that was formerly occupied by the Sampson Naval and Air Force Base.

A Place of Honor

The back of the dedication ceremony program describes the location like this…

“Sampson Veterans Memorial Cemetery is located on one of the most historically significant military sites in the Finger Lakes Region of New York State. Overlooking the eastern shore of Seneca Lake, it is a final resting place for veterans and their eligible dependents that has been created on more than 100 acres formerly occupied by the Sampson Naval and Air Force Base.

“The original base was named for Rear Admiral William T. Sampson who distinguished himself in the Battle of Santiago in the Spanish-American War. During World War II, Sampson trained over 411,000 naval recruits who fought in every battle. In 1946, the training center became the Sampson Naval College. The entire site was rededicated during the Korean War and converted to Sampson Air Force Base. Over 330,000 airmen received their basic training at Sampson from 1950-1955.

“The Sampson Veterans Memorial Cemetery began with the efforts of World War II Navy and Air Force Veterans of the Base. Other veterans service organizations, including the New York State Veterans of Foreign Wars, the American Legion, the Korean Veterans and the New York State Council of Veterans Organizations offered their help. The veterans received strong support from New York State and Seneca County, which has allowed the cemetery to be established as a place of honor, a place of dignity and a place of rest for those who answered the call of duty and offered their full measure of service to their country”.

Staying Army Strong!
Dr. Rus

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