Day 99: Packing Day

Packing Day – April 26, 2011

The day is getting closer! We head off for Fort Benning, GA tomorrow! As you can see General Sarge continues to be excited and today when I arrived home from work I found him looking over what he needs to pack. Of course since he’s not riding “inside” the backpack for the trip, he’s putting what he needs in the backpack.

Day 99 - Packing

Image by drrus2000 via Flickr

It looks like he shined up his dress shoes today and pressed his dress uniform too. He even remembered to grab his toothbrush! Can you tell General Sarge is excited about this trip? He hasn’t seen his human-owner PVT Ben since January! General Sarge was also happy to find out that PVT Ben’s human-mom is going to “carry” him on the plane! He hasn’t flown in a while and he’s looking forward to being in the clouds again. He did say he used to fly planes before he became a General. I think he’s hoping the pilot might let him fly the plane.

Dress Uniform & ACU’s

At Fort Benning we will actually attend two ceremonies. It’s a good thing both General Sarge and PVT Ben are keeping us straight on all the formality of the ceremonies. On Thursday we’ll attend what’s called the Turning Blue Ceremony. This ceremony the graduates, and of course General Sarge, wear their dress uniforms as all the graduates receive a special blue cord signifying they are in the infantry. Then on Friday for graduation, it’s back to the ACU’s. Most people refer to this uniform as their camouflage uniform. I asked PVT Ben why they wear their ACU’s instead of their dress uniform and he said it’s because we are in a time of war. So, I learned something new once again.

As you can imagine, we have a lot of packing yet to do but do stay tuned as General Sarge will be posting lots of pictures during the trip too. Be sure to follow both myself – @DrRus – and General Sarge – @GeneralSarge – on Twitter. That way you won’t miss any pictures I might take on my phone and post there too.

Staying Army Strong!
Dr. Rus

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