Day 78 – Task Force Member – Major Pain

Task Force Member – Major Pain
April 1, 2011

The Task Force is growing. It seems word is getting out and now General Sarge is finding even more people who want to be part of his special Task Force. Of course that’s very exciting for us here at General Sarge HQ. We’re in the midst of interviewing more furry-friends, deciding where they will best fit. General Sarge is also piling up more and more Top Secret files too.

Day 78 - Task Force Member - Major Pain

Image by drrus2000 via Flickr

Today General Sarge is pleased to introduce you to the newest member of his Task Force, Major Pain. As you can see Major Pain is also attached to the Army branch of the military. His human-owner is an Army Reservist and you know we love Reservists here too. After all, General Sarge’s brother, Major Sarge is a Reservist.

As a quick explanation for those of you who may have just started following General Sarge – General Sarge’s human-owner is PVT Ben Jeffrey who is an active duty soldier. Master Sarge’s human-owner is PVT Ryan Jeffrey, who is in the Reserves.

Now, back to Major Pain. General Sarge is very happy to have Major Pain on his Task Force as he’s a Doctor. Major Pain’s human-owner is also a Doctor. Now, we’re not sure if that means people experience pain when they go see Major Pain’s human-owner, but I know the furry Task Force is hoping Major Pain won’t cause them too much pain.

From all of us here at General Sarge HQ…
Welcome to the Task Force Major Pain!

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