Day 64 – Master Sarge Doing Push Ups

Master Sarge Doing Push Ups – March 16, 2011

Day 64 - Master Sarge Doing Push Ups

I guess it was only a matter of time before Master Sarge had to drop and give General Sarge some push ups too. Today his turn arrived to work up a bear-sweat while crunching out a series of push ups.

Seriously though, getting into shape and keeping in shape is a very serious thing when it comes to the military. Tony Horton, the P90X fitness trainer has started working with the military to help get the future soldiers into shape so they can “make weight” and actually join the Army. There was a time when the military had issues getting recruits as a result of them being under-nourished. These days obesity is a problem. As a matter of fact, Ben was by no means fat when he shipped out. However, he was a few pounds overweight and he had to work to drop those few pounds so he could ship out to Fort Benning. He did it the hard way – taking laxative.

As he made numerous runs to the bathroom he just kept saying – “If only I’d stayed on top of my physical training more than one day a week”.

Okay, I admit it – I did laugh under breath.

Making Weight To Join The Army

As I said, Ben did make weight. But, there are a number of recruits who are turned away simply because they can’t make weight. I remember telling someone that the Drill Sergeants at Basic Training make the recruits do push ups when they receive mail. Some people thought that was rather mean. Reality is, it’s all part of making sure the recruits get into shape. Tony Horton is trying to address that issue as he’s working with the military to introduce a fitness program.

Find Out More About Tony Horton’s Plan – Click Here!

The series of pictures over the past few days have been fun to look at. It is fun watching General Sarge work with his troops to make sure they’re in shape. But, it’s just a sliver of a look at what both Ben and Ryan are doing these days as they’re at Basic Training. In the days ahead be watching for more exciting news from General Sarge as he starts to ponder how he can help not only our Future Soldiers get into shape, but our Reservists to stay in shape too.

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Staying Army Strong!
Dr. Rus

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