Day 33: Letter To Ben

Letter To Ben – February 13, 2011

Day 33 - Letter To Ben

These days General Sarge has two favorite things he likes to do. Receive mail from Ben and send Ben mail. It’s amazing that Ben has turned into such a letter writer now that he’s away at basic. But then again, I guess he’s forced to write letters since he does not have his cell phone for texting or calling! We do hear from him on the phone from time to time and those conversations are always great.

We receive mail from him pretty much every day, if not every other day. We keep up by sending Ben mail too. In pretty much every letter Ben also reminds us not to forget to put the “green dot” in the lower left hand corner of the envelope, both front and back, so his mail is sure to find him. It’s an internal color code system for sorting mail and it’s very important! So, take note, you will see General Sarge made sure the green dot was on the letter he’s mailing today.

One day when we talked with Ben on the phone he said if both of “us” – meaning myself and Sandra – send mail on the same day, it needs to go in the same envelope. Of course we just had to ask “why” and Ben’s response did make us chuckle. While mail is very important and the Army realizes that, it’s also a way to keep the new recruits in shape. Apparently for every piece of mail they receive, they have to drop and give the Drill Sergeant push ups. One day Ben received a total of five letters. Three were from us. He said he was glad he had the nice Drill Sergeant that day. Apparently he only had to do 10 push ups per letter. Another Drill Sergeant makes them do 25 for each letter.

Mail Call!!

The letter we sent off to Ben today contained a letter from myself, one from Sandra, information about his graduation and some pictures General Sarge wanted to include. Especially this one…

General Sarge now has his own postcard!

Before wrapping up this entry for the General Sarge daily picture, I also want to say a special thanks to others who have requested Ben’s mailing address and are sending him letters. Not only do Sandra and I appreciate it, but Ben tells us that he is always encouraged when he receives mail from others.

One day he said…
“Hey Dad, I got a letter from Deb today!
You have really cool friends!”

I have to agree with Ben – I do have some really cool friends!

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