Day 31: Want Some Gum?

Want Some Gum? – February 11, 2011

Day 31 - Want Some Gum

Sometimes it’s the little things…

Just when I think I’m getting used to the fact that Ben is off at Fort Benning for his basic training – in week three of basic – something will trigger an emotional response. Before I go any further, for those of you looking at the day reading and seeing that this is day 31 but I just said Ben is in week three of his training, that’s because week one is orientation. While it’s been 31 days, he’s only really been in basic training for three weeks. We get many letters from him and he has called on the phone a couple times too. The letters and phone calls are wonderful. But, like I said above, just when I think I’m getting used to the fact that he’s not around and that I can’t just text or call him, something will set off a memory.

And that brings me to the picture for today…

A short time before Ben left for basic he started chewing Sugarfree Cobalt gum. It’s not a cheap gum, but it is very good. I asked him for a piece one day and he gave me one not sure if I would really like it. I did like it, I really liked it. He had some strange flavor the first time he gave me a piece but then he started chewing this blue box flavor. I have a feeling it’s spearmint or something like that since it’s blue. Whatever flavor it is, I do really like it. Just before Ben left he bought me a package and put it on my desk. It’s been sitting by my computer screen and I do enjoy chewing a stick of this gum from time to time.

However, the other day while sitting at my desk I suddenly got a whiff of the wonderful smell of the gum Ben left for me. It suddenly brought back the memory of how much I enjoyed the gum he introduced me to. It also reminded me of the fact that he got it for me just before he left for basic. And yes, it reminded me we have not seen him for a month now. The handle I thought I had on dealing with the fact that our youngest is now in the Army and could be heading off for deployment come fall caught me a little off guard. I must admit, I did have to hold back a few tears as my father’s heart was reminded that my little boy, is growing up to be a man. He is now proudly training, to serve our country and make sure we can continue living with the freedom we have grown to know and love.

I guess General Sarge must have thought I needed a little reminder that he cares about what’s going on too. As this day, I found him sitting on Ben’s bed with a stick of gum in his paw, offering it to me.

I must admit, I enjoyed the piece of gum.

Cobalt Gum

The gum – and a few Kleenex’s later – I was feeling much better. I think General Sarge knew I was feeling better too. He’s just a smart bear like that sometimes.

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Staying Army Strong!
Dr. Rus

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