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Day 107: Infantry Graduation Day!

Infantry Graduation Day – May 6, 2011

“We Build Infantrymen”

After the Turning Blue Ceremony on Thursday, April 28, it was time for Graduation Day for the United States Army 198th Infantry Brigade on Friday, April 29. This was an amazing graduation ceremony with lots of people held on the Soldier’s Field behind the National Infantry Museum.

Day 107 - Formation of Troops - Delta Company

Image by drrus2000 via Flickr

Ben was part of Delta Company 2nd Battalion 19th Regiment. This is a picture of his company all lined up on the field. In Ben’s Company there were a total of 214 men. However, this is just a small glimpse of the actual size of the graduating class. In all a total of 614 men graduation from five different Battalions making up the entire brigade of graduates.

The graduation started at 9:00am and we showed up early to get

Day 107 - 2-19th Infantry Insignia

Image by drrus2000 via Flickr

a good seat. As you can see General Sarge was quite interested in the various insignia’s of the different Battalion’s represented in the graduation. But, it didn’t take him long to find the one for Delta Company!

Here he is pointing, or should I say “paw-ting” at the insignia of his human-owners company. Once again this was a very proud day for us. We had no idea there would be so many men – turned Infantry soldiers graduating with Ben on this day.

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Day 106: National Infantry Museum

National Infantry Museum – May 5, 2011

The National Infantry Museum is an amazing place!

National Infantry Museum_2977

Image by hoyasmeg via Flickr

Located pretty much right on the Fort Benning Base. Or at least right next door to it. MG (Ret.) Jerry White, President and Chairman of the National Infantry Foundation writes in the opening pages of the brochure – “This world-class facility is dedicated to the Infantry Soldier and those who have supported him. Through state-of-the-art technology this museum vividly tells the Infantryman’s story since 1775 while educating visitors that the freedoms we enjoy are not free”.

After the Turning Blue Ceremony on Thursday, April 28th, we headed to the museum. Ben figured it would be better to visit the museum on Thursday instead of Friday because graduation is held at on the Soldier’s Field right at the museum and it would be a whole lot busier. Ben was right. We had a great time at the museum and took lots of pictures!

However, this picture is the one that I wanted to highlight in the post from General Sarge HQ today. While General Sarge is not in this picture, this is a very important picture of PVT Benjamin Jeffrey in his dress uniform. As we entered the museum one of the helpful tour guides led us to this spot and said…

“This is the must have and traditional picture that all soldiers take after Turning Blue”.

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