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021212: February 12 of 12 Project

February 12 of 12 Project

Today has been a very fun day! Our good friend Janet Hughes – also known as BodynSoil both on her website and on Twitter – is carrying on a tradition started by Chad Darnell a number of years. It’s called the 12 of 12 Project and it’s really pretty easy and very fun to do! Take 12 pictures of your day on the 12th of each month. Then post them and take part in the 12 of 12 Project.

You can find out more about the 12 of 12 Project on Janet’s website here!

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Day 94: Application Error

Application Error – April 21, 2011

Sometimes little things, turn into big things, which then effect a lot of people! Such was – and is – the case for today. It all began this morning when I started receiving Twitter messages and email from people wondering why the link for the Month of the Military Child: Build-A-Bear giveaway wasn’t working.

Day 94 - Application Error

Image by drrus2000 via Flickr

As you can see, it even baffled General Sarge. When you clicked on the link, and still click on the link right now, you get a window that says “Application Error”. I did a lot of checking on my end first to make sure it wasn’t something I’d done wrong. After looking at settings, connecting to email accounts and trying a few other things, I discovered the Application Error wasn’t on my end, it was actually on the end of the program I’m using to take the entries for the Build-A-Bear giveaway.

After searching a number of sites and sending some messages on Twitter, Facebook and email’s to tech support for ContactMe, I found out not only was their site down, but a lot of Internet sites were down as a result of an Amazon server problem. You can read more about what happened in this article…

How Did Amazon Bring Down Some Of
The World’s Largest Social Networks?

While the problem is still effecting a number of sites, IT and other tech people all over the world are working to correct the issue.

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