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Day 182: Phelps Arts Center – Tooth Pick City

Day 182 - Tooth Pick City

Image by drrus2000 via Flickr

Phelps Arts Center – Tooth Pick City
September 3, 2011

Today we went on a quick road trip to the Phelps Arts Center in Phelps, New York. A couple weeks ago I heard about a cool exhibit they have on there right now called Tooth Pick City II – Temples and Towers. So we decided to go take a look today.

All of the displays are made out of tooth picks and the attention to detail is amazing! 

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Day 108: National Infantry Museum – Family Room

National Infantry Museum – Family Room
May 9, 2011

This post had to be one all by itself. I’ve already dedicated an entire post and photo album to the National Infantry Museum which is located pretty much on the Fort Benning base. But the post for today General Sarge assured me required a post of its own.

Day 108 - National Infantry Museum Family Room

Image by drrus2000 via Flickr

As we looked around the museum we suddenly discovered an amazing room that shows not only the support for the military and infantry, but also for families. What an incredible room dedicated to military families! You can well imagine the excitement as General Sarge discovered a room exactly where his heart and compassion is – centered around encouraging families.

The main brochure about the National Infantry Museum says this about The Family Gallery – “The National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center recognizes the fact that young Soldier’s family makes no less of a sacrifice in their love and support of him. A mother must let her son make his own choices and children must tiptoe around stressed parents and learn to love a Dad they know only by voice or photographs”.  The above picture is General Sarge standing at the feet of the mother and son sculpture that greets you as soon as you walk into the Family Gallery.

That in and of itself is breathtaking.

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