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111212: Military Child Salute

Military Child Salute – Brianna Burkett
Monday, November 12, 2012

We are starting another new week here at General Sarge HQ with a Military Child Salute! This week is a very special salute as we areĀ privilegedĀ and honored to introduce you to Brianna and her sister, CPL Donika Burkett.

Military Child Salute – Brianna Burkett

Brianna’s mom writes – “Brianna is a Hero in her own way. She was born with a rare genetic disease called Canavan Leukodystrophy. Most children with this normally live between 3-10 years of age with some making it into their teens. Brianna was blessed to turn 18 this past September and is currently a senior in High School”.

Brianna’s mom further wrote – “When Donika was in Marine bootcamp two years ago she sent a letter saying; ‘When things get tough, she thinks of her sister and her willpower to fight this disease. That would give Donika the willpower to stay strong and see it through bootcamp”.

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110512: Military Child Salute

Military Child Salute – Brooklyn Fitzgerald
Monday, November 5, 2012

It’s time for another Military Child of the Week Salute! This is one of my favorite days of the week and today it’s a two-fold salute as we not only salute a wonderful military child but also her Daddy who is a “Wounded Hero”!

110512 Military Child Salute - Fitzgerald Family

Military Child Salute – Fitzgerald Family

Please say hello to Brooklynn and the rest of her family – CPL Griffin Fitzgerald and her Mommy Tracy. Brooklynn is just a little over a year old and her Grandmother nominated her for our weekly salute. This is a picture of when Brooklynn was just born.

Isn’t she a cutie!

Brooklynn’s Daddy – CPL Fitzgerald – was injured while serving with the 1st Battalion 32nd Infantry Division when he was injured while in Afghanistan after stepping on and detonating an IED. He was initially airlifted to a military hospital in Afghanistan and then flown to an Intensive Care Unit in Germany.

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