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Day 177: Field Training

Field Training – August 28, 2011

My human-owner PV2 Ben has been somewhere in a desert-type location training for his upcoming deployment next year. I know my human-owners Dad is having a hard time not being able to talk with Ben on a somewhat regular basis. While the soldiers are being prepared, these are also times that are hard on military families and parents too.

Day 177 - Field Training

Image by drrus2000 via Flickr

CPL Buddy’s human-owner put a smile on my human-owners Dad’s face the other day when she showed up with a special battle helmet for me!

She found the helmets at Build-A-Bear but they were originally covered in the dark¬†camouflage¬†which represents the Marines. Now we do love our Marine friends, but being an Army bear it’s important that I have the correct color camouflage. SPC Bonzo did a great job of putting the Army color camouflage on the helmets and check us out – CPL Buddy and I decided to put on our helmets and take to the field for some training too.

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Day 156: Future Soldier From Canandaigua, NY

Future Soldier From Canandaigua, NY – August 3, 2011

After our meeting yesterday with our Build-A-Bear friends at Eastview Mall we were walking along and happened to see two Army soldiers. General Sarge noticed very quickly one of the soldiers was wearing a blue cord which means he is in the infantry just like his human-owner PV2 Ben. Or course we just had to stop and say hello.

Day 156 - Future Soldier From Canandaigua, NY General Sarge was thrilled to meet SFC Schultz, Connor Seweryn and SSG Wilkins. SFC Schultz is the Station Commander and SSG Wilkins is a Recruiter from the Canandaigua, New York Army Recruiting Station. As we talked Connor was very interested in finding out about FT. Benning as he’s getting ready to ship there for Basic Training next month. While at FT. Benning Connor will be trained as a Cav Scout 19D.

It was a pleasure meeting his recruiters and here at General Sarge HQ we wish Future Soldier Connor all the best as he starts his Army career.

Staying Army Strong!
Dr. Rus