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101712: Skype With Human-Owner

Skype Time With My Human-Owner!

I was so excited yesterday it was all I could do to keep from bursting my seams and having some of my stuffing come out! If that happened I would have then made an emergency visit to my favorite Build-A-Bear Workshop store at Eastview Mall in Rochester, NY for a Bear Surgeon to fix me up. But – while I was excited – I did manage to contain my excitement enough so I did not pop any seams. It’s a good thing I work out as part of my daily Physical Training! After all, being a General in the Army it is important that I stay in shape.

101712 Skype With Ben

Skype With Ben

So, why was I so excited? My human-owner called on Skype yesterday and I got to see him and chat with him some too!

As you can see by the time stamp on the top of the picture it was during the noon hour yesterday when I chatted with my human-owner. He said he was pretty tired as they are really busy in Afghanistan. The time change is very complicated too and I don’t have fingers on my paws so I had to ask for help to figure out what time it was there.

There’s an eight and a half hour time difference!

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Day 227: Military Child of the Week Salute

Military Child of the Week – More Gift-A-Bears
Monday, November 28, 2011

It’s Monday and that’s an exciting time around General Sarge HQ! That means it’s time for another Military Child of the Week Salute! Please let your military friends know about this salute and be sure to make nominations!

Military Child of the Week Nominations – Click Here!  

Rochester Knighthawks - Gift-A-Bear 10

Image by drrus2000 via Flickr

Every week we salute a military child and we are blessed with the support we’re receiving from individuals and area organizations. As a result of their generosity with Gift-A-Bear donations we will be able to deploy a teddy bear to every child we salute here!

Most recently the Rochester Knighthawks lacrosse team made a trip to Build-A-Bear Workshop at the Eastview Mall where they made bears for us!

Rochester Knighthawks - Gift-A-Bear 04

Image by drrus2000 via Flickr

We had a great time and as you can see I’m right there in the middle of them.

I even helped stuff the bears too!

The Knighthawks do wonderful work in the area supporting various organizations making teddy bears for kids every year. We are so happy they decided to help us out.

Stay tuned as in the coming weeks I will tell you where some of the bears are deployed!

In the next few weeks one bear is going on a very long trip as we’ll be deploying him all the way to Germany! We know the little girl there will be thrilled to receive her very own Army teddy bear signed by the Knighthawk players!

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