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The General Sarge Gift-A-Bear Campaign
Comforting Military Families
One Furry Friend At A Time

Our main mission at General Sarge HQ is one of encouraging military families. Losing a loved one, whether it’s a fallen hero killed in combat, or having a loved one deployed, is a difficult time. Of course we also know the comfort a teddy bear can bring too. After all, General Sarge came to life as I was personally looking for comfort when our son went to Basic Training at Fort Benning, GA and is now stationed at Fort Lewis, WA. There’s just something about a teddy bear that helps bring comfort. A furry-friend is great support.

This is where the General Sarge Gift-A-Bear Campaign comes in and this is a great opportunity for you to help General Sarge bring comfort to military families.

The Gift-A-Bear Campaign gives us the ability to provide a military Build-A-Bear to those needing comfort. Whether it’s to the families of fallen heroes, to heroes wounded in action, or to military family children, General Sarge wants to encourage military families through his furry friends.

You can support the Gift-A-Bear Campaign by making a donation.

The average cost of a military Build-A-Bear is approximately $45. Our goal is to have available funds ready so when the need arises we can readily provide a Gift-A-Bear to a military family.

You can help now by making a donation to
the Gift-A-Bear Campaign via PayPal

Please note – The charge on your credit card or to your PayPal account will appear as Fresh-Wind Ministries: General Sarge.

Thank you in advance for your support. Your donations are appreciated toward this worthy cause.

Bears on Deployment Information – Gift-A-Bear Presentations

Staying Army Strong!
Dr. Rus