Bears On Deployment

General Sarge Bears On Deployment

Here at General Sarge HQ we want to thank all of our great supporters who enable us to send Bears on Deployment.

Day 131 - Gift-A-Bear - SGT Devin Snyder 02

Image by drrus2000 via Flickr

If it weren’t for the kind generosity of those supporting this program through donations we would not be able to encourage military families with cuddly furry friends.

If you would like to help with our Gift-A-Bear Campaign you can find out more information here.

Gift-A-Bear Campaign Information

Bears on Deployment – Where Our Bears Serve 

Month of the Military Child is celebrated every April. A yearly contest with wonderful prizes for military children. On May 1st from the names submitted we announce the winners for the yearly contest.

Military Child of the Week is another great online feature saluting a military child every week. Throughout the year General Sarge pays tribute online to one military child every week. Each child receives a Build-A-Bear Workshop teddy bear dressed in military clothes from the branch of the military their parent is serving with.

Fallen Hero Bear encourages families who have lost a loved one while serving. Whether it’s the children of a parent, or a parent of a son or daughter who gave the ultimate sacrifice, the Fallen Hero bear brings comfort during this difficult time.

Deployment Bear serves as a mascot for our men and women on the front lines. A retired Marine Major pointed out to me the importance of having a small piece of home while serving overseas away from family. Not only are the troops encouraged by the Deployment Bear, but they also serve as wonderful picture opportunities which are then sent home to family and friends.

Teddy Bear Deployment Map – Click Here!

Staying Army Strong!

Dr. Rus