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092612: Family Portrait Day

The Sarge Family Portrait

It’s been an exciting week around General Sarge HQ! After finally changing out of my pirate clothes – they were just so much fun I didn’t want to change – I put on my uniform again and figured it was also a good time for a new family portrait. Family portraits are very important as they capture a moment in time and then as we journey through this life we can look back at them! Of course the Sarge Family Portrait represents human-owners and this portrait tells a story of where my human-owners are today.

Skype Call From Afghanistan

092612: The Sarge Family

Sitting on the fire place mantel at my human-owners parents house the Sarge family is a constant reminder for them to pray.

Let me introduce you to the Sarge family here…

As you look at the picture from left the right – Colonel Sarge (My human-owners Mom Sandra), Major Sarge (Human-owners Dad Rus), Rockin’ Sarge (Human-owners big brother Zack), Photo Lady Sadii Sarge (Human-owners sister-in-law, Zack’s wife, Sadii), Master Sarge (Human-owners brother Ryan), SPC Patriot (Recently added, human-owners high school friend who just return from deployment to Qatar, Tim Crawford) and then of course me – General Sarge.

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Bennie And The Jets

Bennie And The Jets

Greetings from General Sarge HQ! We are getting set for another exciting year! We’re organizing pictures from last year and pulling together year-end tax donation letters. Most importantly we’re also organizing information of wonderful military children we will salute in the months ahead! In the meantime, things have been a little quiet in the area of updates. So I thought I’d sneak onto the computer here and get my paws a typing with a quick update.

Time for @GeneralSarge and Benny to watch over...

Image by drrus2000 via Flickr


After enjoying a great Christmas and New Year’s with my human-owner PFC Ben home on leave we all went to the airport to say goodbye as he headed back to FT. Lewis.  As you can see I was accompanied by a new furry friend named Benny! He’s also – of course – an Army furry friend. If you look real closely you will see PFC Ben’s plane in the background outside the window.

Saying goodbye is always bittersweet. It’s all part of that emotional roller coaster ride when your part of a military family. We are very thankful for the fine people at the Rochester, New York airport who allow military families to go all the way to the gate! That does make it a little bit easier as we can all look out the window at the airplane.

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