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2014 Ringing In The New Year

Ringing In The New Year

Greetings fellow bear lovers!

Yes it has been quite a while since I’ve done anything here at General Sarge HQ but there’s also been a lot on the go. I’ve been on leave for about a year as my human-owners parents moved back to Ontario, Canada a year ago. It’s all been beary exciting and a lot of change going on too. But, I think we’re slowly getting set back up again to deploy more teddy bears to military kids once again!

Aside from my human-owners parents – and me of course – moving to Ontario, Canada my human-owner Ben has been promoted to Specialist and he transferred to FT. Collins, CO too! Wow, talk about a lot of change going on! I did get to see Ben in September and of course it’s always great to get hugs from him!

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Day 163: Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends – August 10, 2011

We tend to take General Sarge out with us quite a bit. He travels well in his Army briefcase and all his goodies – pins, pens and other things like that – travel well with him too. Of course an adult carrying a briefcase with a teddy bear’s head sticking out of the top of it gets some attention too.

Day 163 - Dinner Out At Chili's

Image by drrus2000 via Flickr

Such was the case over the weekend when we made a trip to the mall. On the way we stopped at Chili’s for dinner. We were given a gift card for there and we had a wonderful dinner. Our server, Cara, was wearing a really cool Hot Pepper pin with sunglasses on. Of course it’s a logo for Chili’s and I just had to have one for my collection of pins.

She was kind enough to ask her manager if there were extras and she later came over to the table and gave me one. The pin is now on another bag I carry which has a lot of pins on it. After dinner General Sarge gave Cara an Army pin and we also took a picture of Cara with General Sarge.

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