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112612: Military Child Salute

Military Child Salute – Cessy & Colin Charette
Monday, November 26, 2012

Our favorite day here at General Sarge HQ as we salute a special military child! Today we’re saluting a sister and brother who’s Daddy – SSGT Charette – is an active duty Marine currently deployed with the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit!

We received a very nice email from Cessy and Colin’s Mommy who nominated them for our salute. 

112612 Military Child Salute - Cessy Charette

Military Child Salute – Cessy Charette

First we say hello to and salute Cessy! Her Mommy said she’s also known as “Princess, Barbie, Butterfly and Super Sweet Little Pumpkin!”

Isn’t she a cutie! It’s look Cessy is all ready for the cold weather too as she’s decked out in her mittens and wonderful little pink ear muffs! Cessy’s mother also told us she “loves riding her bike which is something she has learned since Daddy’s been gone, playing with baby’s and Barbies! She of course also loves hanging out with her big brother and talks about her Daddy everyday and can’t wait to see him!”

112612 Military Child Salute - Colin Charette

Military Child Salute – Colin Charette

Speaking of Cessy’s big brother – this is Colin Charette!

Colin’s Mommy writes; “This little dude is 4 years old and in preschool. SSGT Charette deployed about 7 months ago”. Colin’s Mommy also told us “Colin is a VERY energetic kid who loves Legos and superheroes. He also enjoys school and has tons of friends. Since his Daddy’s been gone Colin has learned to ride his bike with no training wheels and is super excited to show of his new ‘trick’ when his Daddy gets home!”

We are very proud of both Cessy and Colin and consider it an honor and privilege to salute them today!

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111912: Military Child Salute

Military Child Salute – Antione Smith Jr.
Monday, November 19, 2012

It’s Monday and time for a Military Child of the Week Salute! The salute for today is really cool because little Antione wrote me a fabulous email! I love receiving email and reading the wonderful stories!

Today please say hello to Antione Smith Jr.! Isn’t he a cutie! Antione told me his daddy is a CTR Second Class with the US Navy and he’s currently deployed on the USS Bonhome Richard.

Antione also told me – “I am a happy 7 month old baby. I have to say I have the best mommy and dad in the world. I’ve only seen my daddy once my whole life a week after I was just born. He missed me coming into this world and much more as I’ve grown! My mommy shows me pictures of my daddy and I’ve seen him on the computer a couple times. My mommy is nominating me because she knows it’s hard for me too, not having my daddy at home. I know when I see him again it’ll take some getting used to and I may be shy. My mommy is proud of the sacrifices my daddy makes everyday and so am I. I know he misses us and wishes he could watch me grow up and it gets hard, but it’s worth it. Daddy’s worth it to us! Not many kids can say their daddy is a United States hero like me”.

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