New Year Vacation Pics

A Quick Get-Away Time

Greetings to all my furry friends and human friends too!

Last weekend I got away for a quick trip with my human-owners parents. While it is true I’ve been on leave for almost a year, I haven’t done much traveling with a camera. But this year things should start getting back to normal here at General Sarge HQ

Checking into the Best Western for the weekend.

Checking into the Best Western for the weekend.

For a quick get-away we decided to head south of the border – it’s south of the border since I’m now living in Ontario, Canada – and went to Liverpool, NY. That’s just outside of Syracuse if you’re not sure where that is. We stayed at a lovely Best Western Plus!

We had a great time here and my human-owners parents were really excited because the entire motel was smoke free! Aside from hanging out in the motel room we did some shopping at the Waterloo Outlet Mall and my human-owners Mom got very excited about something called a “One Day Sale at Macy’s”.

The motel had a great exercise room and wonderful breakfast too! Check out these pictures and you will see what I mean. I thought about dipping my paws into the hot tub but my human-owners parents didn’t think that would be a good idea. They thought my fur and inside stuffing might get too soggy.


Hanging with Pastor Jason and Michelle!

Hanging with Pastor Jason and Michelle!

Sunday morning was lots of fun too as we got to hang out with Pastors Jason and Michelle Norton. They’re good friends of ours and we are so happy we are part of their ministry in Batavia, NY! I think I heard my human-owners parents and the Norton’s planning another trip to New York State for March. That should be lots of fun too as I’m also pretty sure I heard Pastor Jason say he might have a snowmobile I can ride on!

Two paws up!
General Sarge

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