101712: Skype With Human-Owner

Skype Time With My Human-Owner!

I was so excited yesterday it was all I could do to keep from bursting my seams and having some of my stuffing come out! If that happened I would have then made an emergency visit to my favorite Build-A-Bear Workshop store at Eastview Mall in Rochester, NY for a Bear Surgeon to fix me up. But – while I was excited – I did manage to contain my excitement enough so I did not pop any seams. It’s a good thing I work out as part of my daily Physical Training! After all, being a General in the Army it is important that I stay in shape.

101712 Skype With Ben

Skype With Ben

So, why was I so excited? My human-owner called on Skype yesterday and I got to see him and chat with him some too!

As you can see by the time stamp on the top of the picture it was during the noon hour yesterday when I chatted with my human-owner. He said he was pretty tired as they are really busy in Afghanistan. The time change is very complicated too and I don’t have fingers on my paws so I had to ask for help to figure out what time it was there.

There’s an eight and a half hour time difference!

Time Difference And Modern Technology

So lets see – with an eight and a half hour time difference and just about 1pm my time when I was chatting with SPC Ben, that means it was almost 9:30pm Afghanistan time! Wow! That means when I was talking with my human-owner “yesterday”, it was almost his “tomorrow”.

We talked about a lot of things. What he’s doing, how he’s doing and since it was after 9pm for him, I asked him what he had for dinner. Silly boy told me he had a bowl of cereal for dinner! He said he wasn’t really hungry and that was all he felt like having. SPC Ben was getting ready to head to bed soon too because he had to be up really, really early in the morning. He told me he was probably going to have some homemade chocolate chip cookies he received in a package we sent him a couple weeks ago. It takes a long time for mail to get to him too. We sent the package with the cookies in it about 10 to 14 days ago. They arrived safely though and he said only a couple of the cookies broke. He’s really enjoying them.

All in all it was a great day yesterday! I know my human-owners Dad loves it when he finds pictures of him on Facebook. Of course it makes for an even better day when we can chat with him in real time on Skype. Modern technology is amazing!

Two paws up!
General Sarge

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