100812: Military Child Salute

Military Child Salute – Kendall & Gradyn Hackworth
Monday, October 8, 2012

It’s Monday and it’s time for our Military Child of the Week Salute. Today we’re saluting two great kids who’s Daddy is currently serving in Afghanistan with the U.S. Marines.

100812 Military Child Salute - Hackworth Children

100812 Military Child Salute - Hackworth Children (Photo credit: drrus2000)

It’s my honor and privilege to introduce to you today Kendall and Gradyn Hackworth. Their Daddy – Chief Warrant Officer 2 Brandon Hackworth based out of Camp Lejeune, NC – deployed to Afghanistan in April of this year.

When nominating Kendall and Gradyn, their Mommy Sherry wrote;

“Kendall is 5 years old and she’s really grown up while her Daddy is away. In May she graduated from pre-school, finished the spring soccer season and performed in the spring dance recital. In July she turned 5 and in August she started kindergarten. Her Daddy has had to miss all of these important events in her life and she misses him dearly”.

Kendall’s Mommy also told us here at General Sarge HQ that “she’s an awesome big sister to her brother and helps me take care of him”!

Kendall’s little brother is a real champ too and his Mommy Sharon writes;

“Gradyn is 2 years old and he’s always been a ‘Daddy’s boy’ which makes this deployment difficult for him. He does not understand where his Daddy is…just that he had to go to work far, far away and rode in an airplane. Gradyn likes to ride in Daddy’s truck and sit on his motorcycle to be just like Daddy”.

It is our privilege to salute both Kendall and Gradyn and we give them a great big “Two paws up” salute!

Make A Nomination For Our Weekly Salute!

Do you know a military child you’d like us to salute here at General Sarge HQ? We are always looking for nominations and would love to hear from you. Don’t forget each child we salute also receives a Build-A-Bear Workshop teddy bear! A new furry friend to keep them company!

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Two paws up!
General Sarge

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