092412: Military Child Salute

Military Child Salute – Peyton Higgins
Monday, September 24, 2012

It’s Monday once again and that means it’s time for our Monday Military Child of the Week Salute!

092412 Military Child Salute - Peyton Higgins

Military Child Salute - Peyton Higgins

Once again today we’re saluting a wonderful little girl we met at the Holiday Bonanza in San Diego in December this past year. We had a super time at the event sponsored by Celebrate the Military Child and met so many wonderful people!

Today please say hello to little Peyton Higgins! Isn’t she a cutie? Peyton visited us with her Daddy, SGT Jason Higgins who’s an Automated Tactical Data Systems Specialist with the U.S. Army. This is a pretty cool job and one I like because it’s used to support infantry and tank units! Since my human-owner is in the infantry, I really like SGT Higgins’ job.

Make A Nomination For Our Weekly Salute!

Do you know a military child you’d like us to salute here at General Sarge HQ? We are always looking for nominations and would love to hear from you. Don’t forget each child we salute also receives a Build-A-Bear Workshop teddy bear! A new furry friend to keep them company!

Nominate A Military Child – Details Click Here!

Two paws up!
General Sarge

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