082712: Monday Military Salute

Monday Military Salute – OtherDesigns
Monday, August 27, 2012

082712 Military Child Salute - Other Designs

082712 Military Child Salute - Other Designs

It’s time for a Monday Military Salute. 

Today we’re saying a big “Two paws up” to OtherDesigns for all the great design work they do for us here at General Sarge HQ! I first got to know Victor on Twitter and then my human-owners Dad started chatting with him via email. This has led to a wonderful relationship and we really appreciate all the hard work and support we receive from OtherDesigns.

With all the great work OtherDesigns does for us we decided to deploy a teddy bear to Victor and here’s a great picture of his daughter hugging the new furry friend!

General Sarge Trading Cards

Did you know we have Trading Cards here at General Sarge HQ? It’s all part of our OPERATION: B.E.A.R. Campaign we do. We are very excited about these cards and we now have a total of five cards we’re selling to help off-set the cost of postage when we deploy a teddy bear. We’re selling the cards for “5 for $5” which includes shipping and handling. If you’d like to order some cards click the “Contact” button on the left hand side of your computer screen and send us an email.

Two paws up!
General Sarge

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