072312: Military Salute

Military Salute of The Week
July 23, 2012

Today our weekly Military Salute takes on a slightly different twist. We usually salute a military child, but there are many incredible military people to salute.

072312 Military Salute - Josh Plyter

Military Salute - Josh Plyter

As a result, today we say a big “Two paws up” and salute new recruit Josh Plyter from Williamson, New York. Josh just reported for Basic Training at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. Following in his Dad’s footsteps, Josh joined the Army after graduating from High School and now begins his career with the Military Police.

This is a great picture of Josh and his Mom at a big going away party they had for him before it was time to board the plane and head for Missouri.

A Stealth Sarge For His Mom

When my human-owners Mom found out about Josh she decided it was a good idea to deploy a teddy bear to his Mom. After all, she knows the importance of teddy bear hugs when a son heads off to Basic Training! It can be hard for a Mom and we are sure Stealth will be a great comfort to Josh’s Mom in the days ahead.

If you’d like to nominate a military child for our weekly salute it’s very easy to do! Each child that is nominated is also eligible to receive one of our special Build-A-Bear Workshop Military Teddy Bears too made possible through our Gift-A-Bear Campaign.

Nominate A Military Child For Our Salute – Click Here!

Two paws up!
General Sarge

4 responses to “072312: Military Salute

  1. WOW! This is my nephew Josh, and my sister. I had never heard of your site or the teddy bear program.
    We are also a military family … hubby retires after 20 years with the Navy in Nov. I will be sure to pass along your site to other folks!!
    Thank you!

    • Hi Cindy;

      We are very proud of Josh and your sister! We also heard that Stealth Sarge is bringing much comfort to your sister. Glad you found our website and glad you like it! Two paws up to you, your family and your hubby! 20 years with the Navy! Thanks for your service!

      Two paws up!
      General Sarge

  2. What an amazing website and thing you are doing for military families!! The “military salute of the week” goes out to my sister and her son Josh; which is way cool! Thank you for sending a touch of comfort her (and the rest of the families’) way with Stealth. Like my sister Cindy, I had never heard of your site until recently, but I have to commend you for your service to military families.

    As my boyfriend would say to Josh and his Dad, HOOAH!!!
    Thank you!

    • Hi Cheryl;

      Thanks for stopping by the site and thanks for leaving a comment too! We love encouraging military families here at General Sarge HQ and we are thrilled to hear that Stealth is doing a wonderful job with your sister on his new deployment! I’m glad you like our site and please tell your friends about us too!

      Two paws up!
      General Sarge

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