071912: Preparing For A Fundraiser

New Recruits For Fundraiser
July 19, 2012

While the posts have been fewer from General Sarge HQ lately that does not mean we haven’t busy with all kinds of fun and pawsome things on the go! We’ve launched a really cool “Collector Card” campaign thanks to our good friends at Other Designs! The collector cards are part of our OPERATION: B.E.A.R. campaign. We’ve also started a Newsletter and we’re organizing a Press Release Newsletter we’re sending out to various media outlets too! A big “Two paws up” to Tracy Bonzo and FreeFallPR for her help with the newsletters.

Midnight Teddy Bears For Fundraiser

071912 General Sarge Fundraiser Prep

General Sarge Fundraiser Prep

We’re also working on details for an upcoming fundraiser!

We’re really excited about the 2/2 Stryker Brigade Combat Team 2-1 Infantry Tribute Bear Fundraiser coming up this fall. Thanks to our good friends at Build-A-Bear Workshop we now have 12 Midnight Teddy Bears – also known as Stealth Sarge here at General Sarge HQ – which will go up for auction in November. Why November? Because we have some beary-big plans for these furry friends before we auction them off!

Be watching for updates along the way as we prepare for the fundraiser and we know everyone will be beary-excited when you find out our plans for these great teddy bears!

Two paws up!
General Sarge

2 responses to “071912: Preparing For A Fundraiser

  1. Woohoo! Lots of new bears that look like they’ll be busy with their training while we keep busy prepping the fundraiser!

  2. It’s nice of you to be able to do things like this… it just proves that the world isn’t as bad as many people think.. there are still a lot of people like you who have a good heart!

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