071612: Military Child of the Week Salute

Military Child of the Week Salute – Emily Morgan Priddy
Monday, July 16, 2012

If you’d like to nominate a military child for our weekly salute it’s very easy to do! Each child that is nominated is also eligible to receive one of our special Build-A-Bear Workshop Military Teddy Bears too made possible through our Gift-A-Bear Campaign.

Nominate A Military Child For Our Salute – Click Here!

071612 Emily Morgan Priddy

The Priddy Family

Today we send a great big “Two paws up” and “salute” to Emily Morgan Priddy! Emily’s Daddy is Specialist Matt Priddy with the Army National Guard based out of San Diego, California.

We met Emily and her parents in December last year. Of course we also made a special connection because her Daddy is 11B Infantry! That’s just like my human-owner PFC Ben who’s with the 2nd Infantry Division based out of Fort Lewis. We always love meeting our military friends who also work in the same division as my human-owner.

When nominating Emily, her mother told is that “Emily loves horses and Barbies!

Tell Your Military Friends About Our Salute!

Don’t forget to tell your military friends about our weekly salute! We’re always looking for nominations and every child we salute here receives a Build-A-Bear Workshop military teddy bear!

Two paws up!
General Sarge

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