053012: Stealth Sarge Reporting For Duty

Stealth Sarge Makes It To Afghanistan
Wednesday, May 30, 2012

053012 - Stealth Sarge Reporting For Duty

I have some great news to report today! My little brother Stealth Sarge has arrived in Afghanistan to help our human-owner PFC Ben while he’s deployed there. Stealth stayed behind for a while for extra training in preparation for his mission as part of Operation Enduring Freedom 12 and 13. We also had to make sure he had a helmet for his time in Afghanistan too. Head gear is very important!

I’m sure his days will be filled with lots of activities as he helps PFC Ben on his various duties while deployed. Of course I’m thrilled that Stealth is now with our human-owner. After all furry friends are very important. I have so many things to do here at General Sarge HQ that I couldn’t make the trip with PFC Ben. But now I’m really happy that Stealth has arrived.

Connect With Me & Stealth Sarge!

We’re also starting to get some pictures of our human-owner from Afghanistan. It’s always great seeing pics of what he’s doing! There are a couple ways you can keep up to date on the pictures.

Two paws up!
General Sarge

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