032712: Teddy Bear Tuesday

Teddy Bear Tuesday – Generational Bears

Welcome to another Teddy Bear Tuesday here at General Sarge HQ! Furry friends are the best and today we’re highlighting a special family teddy bear with a picture of my human-owners Uncle’s grandson. Did you sort all those connections out?

032712 Teddy Bear Tuesday

032712 Teddy Bear Tuesday (Photo credit: drrus2000)

Here, let me point out to you who’s who in this Teddy Bear Tuesday picture.

The little guy holding the furry friend is Carter. Beside him is his Great-Grandma, who is also my human-owners Grandma. Also beside Carter is his Grandpa Lance, who happens to be Uncle Lance to PFC Ben.

So you see, this is a generational Teddy Bear Tuesday!

Calling All Teddy Bears!

Every Tuesday we love to share pictures of our teddy bear friends and their human-owners. If you’d like to take part and send us a picture just contact us using the “Contact” form and clicking on the “Contact” button on here on my website. We’ll get back to you and let you know how to get your picture to us.

Two paws up!
General Sarge


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