022112: Teddy Bear Tuesday

Teddy Bear Tuesday – February 21, 2012

It’s a furry friend kind of day here at General Sarge HQ! Tuesdays are so much fun as we call this day Teddy Bear Tuesday! A day recognizing special furry friends and their activities all around us.

022112 Teddy Bear Tuesday - Walking The Dog In honor of Teddy Bear Tuesday I decided to use a special picture from a couple weeks ago. On the 12th of February we took part in the “12 of 12 Project”. We took 12 pictures of our daily adventures on the 12th of February. We did snap a lot of fun pics but this is my all time favorite from the day!

Walking my little furry friend CPL Sarge!

Furry Friends With Furry Friends!

Samson - Army 01 Did you know furry friends can have furry friends too? My human-owner and his dad have a little daschund dog named Samson. Even though Samson is an older dog, we still call him “puppy” and he answers to that too. On Twitter he’s known as @SamsonThePup .

He’s such a cute little dog! Also notice he’s an Army dog too! We are all covered in our household with Army clothes and accessories. Take a close look at Samson’s Army cap. As BABW celebrates the making of 100,000,000 friends during their 15th Anniversary this year, Samson is wearing my original BABW cap that came with my first uniform 9 years ago! Pretty cool huh?

Since my human-owner has a daschund it seemed only fitting that I have one too! It was a little on the cold side when I had him out for his walk in the picture for Teddy Bear Tuesday. Also, look closely and you will see that CPL Sarge – that’s my puppy dogs name – has his own little daschund furry friend in his backpack too!

So you see it’s true! Furry friends can have furry friends too!

Two paws up!
General Sarge

2 responses to “022112: Teddy Bear Tuesday

  1. That almost looks like slappy bear LOL. I thought it was at first but it’s general sarge I can see the difference now that I look at both you guys. I saw your trip posts over at slappy bears looks like you had tons of fun on your trip!
    bbrian017 recently posted..Blog Engage Website Tip #2 Building Relationships

    • Hi Brian!

      Oh Slappy and I are great friends! It does look like Slappy had a wonderful roadtrip to the BABW store near him. I hope to visit across the big pond sometime myself so I can go to the Chester BABW store and have my Pawsport stamped!

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Two paws up!
      General Sarge

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