Day 226: Military Child of the Week Salute

Military Child of the Week Salute – Lexi Merrill
November 21, 2011

It’s Monday and that’s an exciting time around General Sarge HQ! That means it’s time for another Military Child of the Week Salute! Please let your military friends know about this salute and be sure to make nominations!

Military Child of the Week Nominations – Click Here!  

Day 226 - Military Child of the Week Today’s special Military Child Salute goes out to 5 year old Lexi Merrill! She’s the daughter of April and SSGT Brandon Merrill who’s been serving in the Marine Corps for the past 9 and a half years. SSGT Merrill is currently serving as a Recruiter at the Marine Recruiting Station in Oklahoma City, but living and working at RSS Fort Smith, Arkansas.

SSGT Merrill is also an Amphibious Assault Vehicle Operator and has worked with the new EFV while stationed at 29 Palms, CA and Camp Pendleton, California. As you can see, Lexi’s Daddy is serving his country well and we say thank you for your service!

A Special Note From Lexi’s Mom

One of the great things about the Military Child of the Week Salute are the wonderful emails we receive from the parents. When nominating Lexi her Mom wrote;

“Lexi enjoys spending time with her grandparents in Oklahoma and loves the outdoors and gets bigger and smarter everyday!! She loves her Daddy and is glad to have a great Daddy. She just misses the time she gets to spend with him because of his job and long hour.”

Lexi’s Mom went onto say…

“I would love Lexi to be honored and know that her Daddy is part of much more and that the time she misses with him he is giving back to our contry and he makes lots of sacrifices just like she and I do. I want her to realize just how special she is and that no matter what job her Daddy has they are both important to each other and to our Country!!” – Semper Fi!!

The note was signed “Proud wife and Mother”.

April, you have every right to be a proud wife and Mother. Here at General Sarge HQ we want to make sure all military children realize just how important they are and to also know we recognize the sacrifice they make as their parents are away for long periods of time. Lexi, we are happy to salute you this day and I give you a great big “Two paws up!” You are a brave girl and I have to admit I really love the picture of you sitting in your Daddy’s duffle bag wearing his uniform.

Keep encouraged and know that we honor and pray for you and your family.

Two paws up!
General Sarge

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