Day 222: Teddy Bear Tuesday

Teddy Bear Tuesday – November 15, 2011

Day 222 - Teddy Bear Tuesday - BABW Oh I just love this day! My stuffing almost bursts out of my seams. But I do manage to keep everything in place which is a good thing. Teddy Bear Tuesday is just such a great day here at General Sarge HQ.

Today I’m kind of with other teddy bears. I’m with my beary favorite friends from the Victor, New York Build-A-Bear Workshop at Eastview Mall. I love visiting the Bear Specialist’s at the store.

They always give me great hugs because they say they love hugging a “Well loved bear”.

My Handler Is A Bear Builder!

Do you like my new hat? I got it because we were at BABW for a special meeting getting ready for Christmas. My human-owners Dad is going to be a Bear Builder at the store for the season. So I just had to get a Santa hat. His first day of building bears was this past Saturday. He had a lot of fun and made it “snow” twice! I guess a bear slipped off the “stuffing” machine while it was still on and that meant furry fluff flew all around. Everyone laughed though and had a good time.

Two paws up!
General Sarge

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