Day 211: A Month of Training

A Month of Training – October 29, 2011

Day 211 - A Month of Training My human-owner – PV2 Ben – is off for a month of training in a desert somewhere. We talked with him on the phone before he left and he was telling us about all the equipment he had to take with him! He certainly is loaded down that’s for sure. I can’t remember everything PV2 Ben said he was taking with him but I do remember him saying it will build his muscles up by the time the training is completed.

With my human-owner in the field doing training that means it’s time for me to put on my helmet. Since PV2 Ben will wear a helmet most of the time for the next month I will keep mine on all the time too.

You know us bears, it’s just fun to dress like our human-owners.

Training Equipment Ready

I know I don’t have as much equipment as PV2 Ben has but I am ready for the field. I have my tent, a flashlight my backpack all packed up and I even have my cool glow in the dark compass too! I have a feeling the glow in the dark compass might not be the best thing to take into training though. Too many people will be able to see it when I have to turn it on at night. Maybe I should find one of those GPS cellphones sometime. That way I will always know where I am. As for the tent, I’m also not sure if PV2 Ben will be in one all the time. But I want to be ready for anything. I think it would be cool camping for an entire month! But I have a feeling that means shower time will be limited too.

I also know this is going to be a tough month for my human-owner’s parents. They told him to be safe and I know they – along with a lot of other people – are all praying for Ben. We do appreciate the prayers.

Two paws up!
General Sarge

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