Day 195: New Ride

New Ride – September 29, 2011

There’s been discussion around General Sarge HQ about possibly getting General Sarge some form of transportation so he can zip around a little easier.

I was thinking Humvee. But apparently General Sarge has something different in mind as I found his image on this car today! I have a feeling this is not government issue.

Can you find General Sarge in this picture? He’s there. You just have to look closely.

I was relieved to find out General Sarge didn’t actually go out shopping. Instead he was looking around the Pick Joke website. I did mention to PV2 Ben that I was thinking of getting General Sarge a Humvee. He quickly pointed out we would have to find a driver for him as a General would never drive himself around. That sounds like a raw deal if you ask me. Just because you’re a General you can’t drive cool cars?

What do you think? Should we go shopping for a Humvee for General Sarge?

Staying Army Strong!
Dr. Rus

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