Day 184: Video Call From Ben

Video Call From Ben – September 6, 2011

Two paws up for amazing technology! It’s hard not being able to see my human-owner PV2 Ben on a regular basis. Yes texts and phone calls are nice, but not being able to see him is just plain hard! However, now we can actually see Ben through the amazing technology called video calls!


Day 184 - A Video Call From Ben

Image by drrus2000 via Flickr


It was a big day around General Sarge HQ! Not only are we celebrating the fact that PV2 Ben is back at base from his field training, but we got to see him as we talked with him the other day too!

I thought it was really cool to have the opportunity to show PV2 Ben my helmet. He did see a picture of me wearing my helmet on his Facebook page but he said – “Hey General Sarge, good to see you! Where’s your field helmet?”

I of course was very happy to put it on so he could see it.

Keeping Military Families In Touch

It is difficult for military families to be apart. Especially when family members deploy. Of course cell phone service is next to non-existent overseas depending on where the soldier is deployed. However, many times some form of Internet is available. That means from time to time Skype calls are made and they are very special. Just how special is a Skype call? Do you remember Arianna our Military Child of the Week from August 22nd? Here at General Sarge HQ we recently received an email from Arianna’s Mom which said;

“I made it to my overseas station and I wanted to write and say thank you 🙂 Arianna received her bear and I got to Skype with her and she loved it 🙂 She was dancing around and waving the flag :)”

Video technology and Skype become a very important life-line and connection for military families during times of deployment. I know we’re very happy to have this all figured out now before PV2 Ben deploys.

Two paws up!
General Sarge

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