Day 177: Field Training

Field Training – August 28, 2011

My human-owner PV2 Ben has been somewhere in a desert-type location training for his upcoming deployment next year. I know my human-owners Dad is having a hard time not being able to talk with Ben on a somewhat regular basis. While the soldiers are being prepared, these are also times that are hard on military families and parents too.

Day 177 - Field Training

Image by drrus2000 via Flickr

CPL Buddy’s human-owner put a smile on my human-owners Dad’s face the other day when she showed up with a special battle helmet for me!

She found the helmets at Build-A-Bear but they were originally covered in the dark camouflage which represents the Marines. Now we do love our Marine friends, but being an Army bear it’s important that I have the correct color camouflage. SPC Bonzo did a great job of putting the Army color camouflage on the helmets and check us out – CPL Buddy and I decided to put on our helmets and take to the field for some training too.

Training Is Important

PV2 Ben will be training for another week. That means one more week without any phone calls home. While it’s hard, it’s also a good thing he’s training. This is what he wanted to do and I have heard his Dad ask him a few times – “Are you happy with your life choice.” – I’m always thrilled to hear PV2 Ben respond with a “Yes!” Being in the Army is hard work and it’s hard on a lot of people connected with the soldier. But knowing our brave men and women in the military are properly trained and know what they’re doing does make us feel safe and a little more calm here at General Sarge HQ.

PV2 Ben – and all of the other soldiers either deployed or training for deployment – you are in our thoughts and prayers. I also have a feeling I’ll be wearing my battle helmet until PV2 Ben returns to base.

One more thing – as I was in here writing up this post I heard my human-owners Dad saying he actually talked with PV2 Ben last night! Lets just say we’re all happy around here today.

Two paws up!
General Sarge

6 responses to “Day 177: Field Training

  1. Woohoo! The helmets do look good, especially with those rank patches on. I’m glad Ben got to call for a few minutes as well.

  2. General Sarge, you look really good in your helmet. Please also pass our compliments on to CPL Buddy when you see him again.

  3. On average, how long does an in the field training session last? Is there an average or is it different all the time? My boyfriend told me he was going into the field last Monday and I haven’t heard from him since, just curious when I should be expecting his call.

    • Greetings!

      Field training will vary in length as it depends if it’s field training near the base, or actually somewhere off base. Our son is currently doing three weeks of training. But in November his unit heads out for four to six weeks. Your boyfriend should have had an idea before going. Where is he stationed?

      Dr. Rus

  4. Those helmets are so cute and so it the training tent. That was very nice of SPC Bonzo to take the time to convert the helmet(s) to Army camouflage for General Sarge’s training regime. I hope you are able to talk with PV2 Jeffery soon as I know how much you must miss him.

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