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General Sarge & I Interviewed by Slappy Bear!

Social Media is so much fun when you really make it social. Through the years I’ve made a number of great friends on Twitter. One such person is my now good friend, with the little red Mini, named Karen who can be found on Twitter with the ID name of @BlazingMinds .

Karen started her career in the world of music in 1997. She’s still creating music and currently signed with the label EML Recordings. Karen also has a great collection of albums widely available around the world via sites such as iTunes, CDBaby and other well known music services. Karen is still producing music, and loving every moment of it, she caught the blogging bug in September 2008. That’s when she started her blog Blazing Minds which is best described as a blog of all sorts, posting reviews, tech tips, everyday goings on and much more. The blog has grown in popularity and now she very rarely has much time for anything else.

Karen is also the person behind Slappy Bear! A blogging bear who’s also on Twitter – @SlappyBear !

@SlappyBear is a character with a bit of a wild spirit. He’s also a bear with a comical outlook on life and one which he shows by going around in Real 3D glasses because he thinks they make him look cool. He blogs when he likes and the same goes for Twitter. He often tweets bear related tweets to the masses, showing he’s proud to be a bear without a sore head!

As General Sarge started gaining popularity Karen contacted me and said Slappy Bear wanted to do an interview with General Sarge and myself about all that General Sarge is up to! Of course we said yes and we had a lot of fun doing the interview too!

The interview appeared on Blazing Minds
on Saturday, February 19, 2011.

General Sarge Interview on Blazing Minds Blog!
To read General Sarge A Build-A-Bear With A blog…
Click Here!

Thanks so much for the interview Karen! Of course General Sarge also gives Slappy Bear a great big “Two Paws Up”!

Staying Army Strong – Two paws up!
Dr. Rus

3 responses to “Blazing Minds Blog Interview

  1. Karen
    Twitter: BlazingMinds

    It was an honour to interview you and a lot of fun 😉
    Karen recently posted..How to Add Value to Your Blog In Six Easy Steps

  2. I love Slappy Bear too!

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