Day 151: Summer Hail Storm

Summer Hail Storm – July 28, 2011

It has been a long hot summer stretch here in Upstate New York. I know my human-owners Dad is getting tired of running the air-conditioner all the time. He keeps saying something about “fake air”. Personally, he needs to take it from me and my human-owner PVT Ben. He doesn’t know what fake air is until he’s had to put on a gas mask and go through the gas chamber at Basic Training. (But, I’m getting off topic here).

Day 150 - Summer Hail Storm

Image by drrus2000 via Flickr

You can imagine everyone’s surprise this week when we had a major storm with ice! Look at this hail! Yes, that is a pile of hail stones I’m standing in. It’s a good thing I always wear my ACU boots or that would have been very cold on my paws. It’s also worth noting my human-owners Dad did not pile a bunch of hail stones together for this picture.

This pile of hail stones is exactly what it looked like on our back landing.

Are You Enjoying Your Summer?

Here at General Sarge HQ we’re finding it hard to believe July is almost over. That means summer is quickly flying by too. While it has been really hot around here my good friend SFC Smith from the Newark, New York Army Recruiting Station reminded me the other day that when he was in Kuwait he experienced temperatures of 140 degrees! We do need to remember our brave heroes who are serving overseas in climates much worse than what we’re experiencing here. It kind of brings everything in perspective doesn’t it. All I know is that with all my fur I found it hot when the heat index slipped above 100. I can’t imagine what it would be like in Kuwait.

What have you been doing this summer? I do hope you’re having a nice summer. I also know a number of military people have taken leave over the past few weeks too. It would be great to have you share in the comment section here what you’ve been doing.

Staying Army Strong – Two paws up!
General Sarge

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