Day 147: Stayin’ Cool

Stayin’ Cool – July 22, 2011

So we’re in the middle of this wild heatwave and it certainly has been hot! I know it’s hot for humans, but can you imagine what I feel like? After all, I’m a furry bear full of soft stuffing. I get really, really hot.

Today PVT Ben’s Dad took me to the store with him when he got some gas for his car.

Day 147 - Stayin' Cool

Image by drrus2000 via Flickr

He was very thoughtful and didn’t leave me inside the car when he went in to pay. The air-conditioning inside the store was really nice, but I found an even cooler place to hang out. I also have to admit I did sneak away from his sight so I could climb into this huge freezer full of ice! He put me down just for a minute and that’s all I needed to slip away to my cool hiding place.

Staying Cool In The Middle Of The Heat

With all this hot weather we’re having it is important to stay cool and drink lots of water. At least that’s what my human friends tell me. As a furry teddy bear I don’t need water. It would make my insides all wet and moldy.

Also for any kids who might think what I did today looks really fun, I need to warn you to never climb into a freezer or a refrigerator. It’s very dangerous and I don’t want anyone to get hurt. Actually, my human-owners Dad did scold me some and told me I should never climb into a refrigerator again. I know I’m a General, but I do listen to PVT Ben’s Dad about these things too.

Stay safe and stay cool!

Two paws up!
General Sarge

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