Day 141: PT Test For SSG Dillman

PT Test For SSG Dillman – July 8, 2011

One thing we need to get used to as a military family is change when it comes to moves. For the most part the military now stations people for three years. So people come and people go. Today at General Sarge HQ we’re starting a transition process as our good friend SSG Dillman, who was Ben’s recruiter, finishes off his time at the Newark, New York Recruiting Station. It’s hard to believe that three years have flown by, but today was SSG Dillman’s last day for active duty at the Recruiting Station here.

Day 141 PT Test For SSG Dillman 01

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Of course that also meant it was time for General Sarge to make a visit to the Recruiting Station in Newark to not only say so long, but also make sure SSG Dillman is in tip-top shape for his next station.

As you can see, General Sarge can really crack the whip here! One of the first things he did was bark out the order to SSG Dillman – “Drop and give me 20!” It’s also worth noting that General Sarge did not go easy on SSG Dillman at all.

He made him do one handed push ups!

All The Best At Fort Drum

SSG Dillman has become a great friend and support through the past number of months. We consider it an honor and a privilege to call him friend.

Day 14 - Checking In With SSG Dillman

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As of today SSG Dillman is on leave for a few weeks and then mid-August he will report for duty at Fort Drum, New York where he will train and lead a group of soldiers in the Infantry Division.

I know we will keep in touch and we wish SSG Dillman all the best and lots of safety as he reports to Fort Drum.

Army Strong - Ben with Recruiter Sgt Dillman 01

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Here at General Sarge HQ we all wish you the best and thank you for all your support through the process of helping make Ben the fine soldier he is today.

Through this journey you have been not only a supporter of Ben, but of our entire family, including spending time with my parents. You truly do exemplify a soldier committed to not only serving your country, but also encouraging fellow soldiers and their families in this journey.

Staying Army Strong!
Dr. Rus

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