Day 123: Carlos Wilde Album Review

Carlos Wilde Album Review

Does this mean I’m becoming more popular? Hello there, it’s General Sarge here writing the post for today. Yes, that’s right, General Sarge. I decided to push my human-owners Dad out of the way today because a special request came in from my good furry friend Slappy Bear. It turns out Slappy’s human-owner is very talented. Not only is she a blog wiz, but she also produces music too!

A couple weeks ago Slappy sent me a link to some really cool music and asked if I would take a listen and do a review.

Day 123 - Playing Some Music

Of course I said yes and now I’m trying to figure out how to get a copy of this album to my human-owner PV2 Ben at Fort Lewis because I’m sure he would love it too. I’ve been listening to it on a computer. But PV2 Ben has an iPod with lots of music on it. He has a wide range of musical taste.

The name of the album is Cocktail by Carlos Wilde. At the end of the post you’ll find links to a site where you can listen to it and buy the album. But for now here’s my review.

Pop Fusion With A Touch of Swing

Many would describe this album as pop fusion. But it’s really more than that. While the first cut Staring at The Dark falls firmly into the pop fusion category, other songs like On This Side of Paradise and Phantom combines pop fusion and techno with a touch of swing just for good measure. I’m not sure if that was what Carlos was aiming at, but that’s the best way I can describe it.

As for overall sound, the first cut does jump out and certainly grabs your interest and attention to keep listening. As you make your way through each cut you will also discover a nice mix of different sounds. Too often artists these days are afraid to mix things up. But that’s not the case with Carlos. Cocktail covers a lot of musical ground in the span of 10 songs. When it comes to my favorite songs I have to say I have two. I really like What Can I Say as it gets my paws a tapping to a cool beat with some great vocal hooks too. However, I also really like the soulful swing sound of On This Side of Paradise.

You can find this great album by Carlos Wilde on the Internet!

Cocktail – Carlos Wilde – Atom Sounds

Be sure to check it out and also tell them General Sarge sent you.

Two paws up!
General Sarge

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