Day 109: Team Beachbody Coach!

Team Beachbody Coach – May 11, 2011

As you know we’re planning for the P90X-Bear Dare here at General Sarge HQ. We’re looking to help people get into better shape and at the same time support the Families First Campaign too. For more information about the Bear Dare check out the following links;

The official start day for the Bear Dare is June 1st. We’re working hard behind the scenes on calendars, discussion groups and other goodies to encourage everyone who takes part. We’re even creating a calendar that will send email reminders every day telling you what the exercise is for the day depending on which P90X workout program you decide to use.

It is our goal to not only support military families, but also encourage all those who take part in the Bear Dare to get fit and into great shape!

Officially A Team Beachbody Coach!

Check it out! General Sarge received some mail and it is now official!

He is an official Coach for Team Beachbody and things exercise and

Day 109 - Team Beachbody Coach

good health from them. General Sarge received his official letter and his first Team Beachbody pin too! Of course the P90x-Bear Dare is centered around Tony Horton’s P90X program but you can take part in the Bear Dare and not use the P90X program. There are a number of fitness programs you can pick from and we’ll be here to encourage you as you get fit.

General Sarge has his official Team Beachbody Coach pin!

Day 109 - Team Beachbody Coach Pin

How cool is that and how cool is it to have a teddy bear for a Coach as you head toward health and fitness. I’ve already had a couple people mention they think that’s cool in and of itself. So, as we get set for the Bear Dare, remember to let us know you want to be involved!

There’s still time to get involved and also decide what program you want to do. For more information on all the Team Beachbody programs visit the General Sarge Team Beachbody information site.

The first list of exercise programs are the P90X programs. But, be sure to scroll down the page and click the other “open” links for a list of all the other great exercise programs too.

Then of course don’t forget to sign up for your “free” Team Beachbody Account and have General Sarge as your Coach!

Last, but certainly not least, if you’re on Facebook you can find out more about the Bear Dare and let us know you’re attending on the event page.

    Staying Army Strong!

    Dr. Rus

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    1. Hey General Sarge, congratulations on your latest pin and becoming a Beachbody Coach! Now you are ready to lead the troups into fitness and health. We have been reading a lot about the struggles the military has been facing in keeping their troops fit and healthy, let’s hope we see military members participating in this challenge.
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