P90X-Bear Dare Event Announcement!

P90X-Bear Dare Event Announcement!

It’s official! Here at General Sarge HQ we are gearing up for the P90X-Bear Dare – From Fluff to Buff!

Are you ready to take the P90X-Bear Dare? Not only will you get into shape but you will support our military and their families. The 90 day Bear Dare – Go from Fluff to Buff – Starts on June 1st. Remember, a portion of all sales of the P90X fitness program, or any other Team Beachbody product goes to the “Families First Campaign” which helps off-set travel expenses for parents, spouses or legal guardians to attend the graduation of their future soldier from any branch of the military.

At this point one of the best ways to get started is to let us know you’re plans. We are working behind the scenes to make sure there’s a discussion/encouragement group as we all work together to not only support military families, but to get into shape ourselves too.

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Sign up now so you have time to get the P90X program and we can start encouraging you on your road to great health and great shape!

Click here to sign up for the Bear Dare on Facebook!

Staying Army strong!
Dr. Rus

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  1. I will be front and center on this project to answer any questions relating to fitness and programs. As the owner of Drill Sargent Buff I know that we have our work cut out for us to assist everyone reach their goal.
    BodynSoil recently posted..2010- Flower Porn

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